Marilyn Yogarajah: spectrum soundbath
offsite at Trinity St. Paul’s United Church
March 27, 2024, 6:30–9:30 pm

Photo: spectrum soundbath at the Evergreen Brick Works. Photo: Danny Alexander.

spectrum soundbath is a collaborative sound healing collective facilitated by Marilyn Yogarajah, a multi-instrumentalist who incorporates their knowledge of Western musical theory, Carnatic improvisation techniques, and play into their practice. spectrum soundbath focuses on removing barriers when it comes to making sounds, detaching connotations associated with right or wrong and instead focusing on all the frequencies and waves within one tone. A swara (the complete dimension of a musical pitch, otherwise defined as a moment in time) can expand both inward and outward. Yogarajah uses singing bowls, multiple percussive instruments, various woodwinds, and the drone of a digital shruti box to create a bed of sound in which participants can either rest on or play along with. Marilyn’s ultimate intent with spectrum soundbath is to ensure an accessible space for folks to engage with sound meditation, in which vibration paves a path towards personal and collective healing. They want to ensure that those involved with their practice can connect with the spectrum of sound itself — to be enraptured by the infinite possibilities in a judgement-free space to reach states of curiosity, grace, vulnerability, and ecstatic bliss.

On March 27, 2024, spectrum soundbath is hosting a free community healing session in the Sanctuary at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre. The event takes place from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, listen, participate, and immerse themselves in the spectrum of communally created sound. There will be a plethora of instruments to choose from, but participants are also welcome to bring their own music makers.

A person sits in a park in front of several singing bowls. A white fluffy dog sits in their lap.Marilyn Yogarajah‘s practice and commitment to building spaces for healing and resilience is emblematic of the sorts of artists the Community Resource Program was established to support, and we are pleased to announce that they are the next participant in the program. To learn more about them, visit spectrum soundbath on Instagram @spectrumsoundbath. This event was supported and promoted by Kalina Nedelcheva, AGYU communications assistant.

Developed at the beginning of the pandemic, the Community Resource Program is focused on supporting artists who are active in the fight for social justice. To date, the CRP has supported the work of Maryam Taghavi, Taras Polataiko, Rana Nazzal Hamadeh, Bush Gallery, Amoya Reé, Keosha Love, and Jayda Marley. This program enables AGYU to act swiftly and respond to urgent local and global concerns. We use this program now to move beyond statements of solidarity in a commitment to do the work needed to ensure that AGYU play a part in amplifying the critical voices of artists. The AGYU considers our programs as our best tool to support and be in solidarity with local and international actions and causes, and in support of artists and communities who historically and currently have been gravely silenced and/or underrepresented. Through our programs, we amplify the artistic practices, ideals, and the lives of artists. We make this statement as a form of transparency and accountability to position our programs as action — lived, continuous, and responsive. Anti-colonial actions take many forms, and we must collectively consider the most powerful, effective, long-standing ways we can utilize the platforms to which we have access.

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