Workshop on Workshops with Golboo Amani and Golnesa Amani
October 24, 2021


“Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning.” – Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

Workshop on Workshops is a hands-on skill-sharing on-line event providing tools and techniques for multidisciplinary practitioners who want to facilitate learning environments. This step-by-step workshop will teach you key concepts offering a framework for programming that is both entertaining and educational. This workshop aims to engage online and in person learners with methods that accommodate diverse learning types in order to help instructors feel more confident in teaching what they know.

Golboo Amani is a multi-disciplinary artist best known for her performance and social practice works. Golboo’s work often addresses the conditions of knowledge production that render epistemic violence as invisible, insignificant, and benign. By expanding sites of pedagogy to include the streets, backyards, homes, and public transit, Golboo produces non-hierarchical pedagogical experiences that speak to collective agency and egalitarian epistemology. Golnesa Amani’s pedagogical practice lies at the intersection of art, entertainment, and education, activating the “classroom” as a site for performance-based collaborative learning. She is best known for her movement and musical approach to language acquisition, as well as her theatrical style of presentation. Integral to her teaching method are studies on the mechanics of communication as well as exercises in executive functioning. Golnesa has experience facilitating and instructing creative programs for diverse youth in public and private schools, community centres, festivals, homes, and online. Golboo and Golnesa are both artists and educators with collaborations that focus on alternative forms of pedagogy. By centering access, this sibling duo has created multiple iterations and opportunities for communities to teach and learn from each other.


Please note that parts of the video recording have been redacted at request of some of the participants in the workshop.

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