Turn Around, Bright Eyes
Ella Dawn McGeough with Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds, 2019
17 April – 23 June 2019
Sheet copper, 3-channel looped audio, surface sound exciters, copper speaker wire, amplifiers, iPods.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes is an off-site component of this year’s AGYU Curatorial Intensive Exhibition, On Pause (16–26 May 2019, Gales Gallery), curated by Katarina Veljovic.

There was once a picnic on its surface, this pearl, this orange moon, this acoustic mirror, this exquisite corpse. Feeling spacey, bodies shifted position from beings to becomings and good vibrations, like wine, overflowed. As sound rounds a corner, they tried to move beyond the limits of analysis and cross distances of difference. Until, in a sensational zone of resonant affinity, they floated—tethered—together.

Originally from Vancouver, York PhD Candidate Ella Dawn McGeough is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work centres on practices of historicization, myth-making, and speculative feminism. She received a BFA from UBC (2007) and an MFA from Guelph (2013). She has presented work nationally and internationally and participated in numerous residencies, most recently at Banff Centre, Flaggfabrikken in Bergen, Norway, and Trelex in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve. Her writing has been published by Public Journal, Moire, C Magazine, ESP, Open Studio, and Susan Hobbs Gallery.

Stefana Fratila is a Romanian-born composer, artist and writer whose work examines the act of bearing witness through public interventions, performances, sound and video installations. Stefana has exhibited, performed and screened her work internationally and lives in Toronto.

Kiko is an artist and teacher specializing in sound, meditation, restorative practices and relational aesthetics. After more than a decade collaborating with artists as co-founder of Toronto’s Magic Pony + Narwhal Projects, she has repositioned her practice in order to create settings for deep listening and self-discovery through Kiko Sounds and Kikospace.

The artists would like to thank Trevor Turple for his assistance in realizing the sound component for this project.

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Installation views

Installation views
Turn Around, Bright Eyes
17 Apr – 23 Jun 2019

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Turn Around, Bright Eyes
vitrines exhibition
17 Apr – 23 Jun 2019




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