Jawa El Khash
Site of the new Joan and Martin Goldfarb Gallery, the xeriscape garden between Accolade East Building and Centre for Film and Theatre
Saturday, October 1, 2022
7pm to 7am

A computer generated image of a vase in the xeriscape garden.

Jawa El Khash, Replicas, 2022; digital sketch proposal

Replicas is an installation of imagined copies of ancient ceramics. These playful two-dimensional forms reference excavated fragments of so-called Raqqa Ware (attributed to the city of Raqqa, present-day Syria,12th to 13th century). Immersed in a xeriscape garden (the future site of the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Gallery, or GGYU), these forms occupy a space in flux. Jawa El Khash is an artist, researcher, and technologist working around themes of archeology, botany, and world-building. El Khash explores replicas, blurring the line between invisible and visible, real and simulated, fictional and fact.

Programmed by AGYU; Curated by Clara Halpern




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