Nothing of Harm to Dread
Jennie Suddick
13 April – 26 June 2011

Earlier January, 2011, maintenance workers discovered traces of an unknown substance in a variety of locations across Canada’s largest university campus. After examination by several chemists and biologists, the thick, stringy red material was brought to the attention of entomologists, who are now positing that the substance is in fact the proteinaceous silk of an as-yet undetermined – and possibly extremely large – insect that likely created the cobweb-like structures. York University administration is remaining tight-lipped on the subject, though they have conceded that the bulk of the findings seem to be concentrated in the Accolade East building. Curran Folkers is on the case, writing on the findings of Jennie Suddick’s webbed work in the AGYU Vitrines.

A graduate of OCADU and York University, Jennie Suddick is the artist-in-residence at Open Studio, Toronto, and recently returned from Bee-line to Berlin: The Woodn’t Bees Artist in Residency Program in Berlin.

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Jennie Suddick
13 Apr – 26 Jun 2011

Curran Folkers on Jennie Suddick

Curran Folkers on Jennie Suddick
studio blog
Apr 2011

Jennie Suddick: Nothing of Harm to Dread

Jennie Suddick: Nothing of Harm to Dread
vitrines exhibition
13 Apr – 26 Jun 2011




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