Farming at the end of the world: conversations about food production, art, and collaboration
October 28, 2021

Conversation facilitated by York Visual Art professor Barbara Balfour with guests Lauren Nurse and Shannon Gerard. Lauren and Shannon talk about how they are redefining the intersection between farm work and art practice within the context of the pandemic and current climate crisis, in terms of caring for and stewardship of the land.

Lauren Nurse is a horticulturist, sessional professor, artist, and the owner and operator of Small Spade Farm. Shannon Gerard is a professor at OCADU and an artist who contributes farm labour at Small Spade as well as producing all the print material, recipes, zines, and labels, for the farm’s CSA program. Between Collectives is loosely held together by Toronto-based Barbara Balfour, who has previously been a member of various collectives including Spontaneous Combustion, Venus Fly Trap, Printellectuals, and Guest Garden. While “between collectives”, she is pursuing independent projects as well as undertaking curatorial projects drawing upon friendships and other affiliations.

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