Veronique Sunatori
18 April – 24 June 2018
According to the wabi-sabi aesthetic principle of organic organization, truth comes from the observation of nature, including all its imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness. With this as a guiding principle, Véronique Sunatori’s commission for AGYU Vitrines features the glowing moon on a clear night sky, the reflection of the sky in pools of rainwater, and the tops of tall grass emerging from a bed of fog — all moments of wonder and transience for us to contemplate in our three exterior colonnade windows.

Véronique Sunatori has participated in residencies at AIRY Yamanashi and the Société d’art et d’histoire de Beauport. Sunatori’s work has been presented at Studio Sixty-Six, Art Mûr, FOFA Gallery, and upcoming at Circa Art Actuel. She is currently an MFA candidate at York University.

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Véronique Sunatori

Véronique Sunatori
vitrines exhibition
18 Apr – 24 Jun 2018

Installation views

Installation views
Véronique Sunatori
18 Apr – 24 Jun 2018




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